" You ask, we source. You dream, we make.
We’re efficient, you save. "


abcanmaterials is an American-owned wholesale producer and distributor of bulk exterior/interior building finish materials and furniture. Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, we are at at the center of a large network of building materials and production capabilities. We specialize in factory direct sourcing of interior and exterior building materials, the design and developing of custom manufactured materials and marketing and sales of interior and exterior materials.

We are full-solution partner for designers & architects, particularly those with an eye to innovation, efficiency and sustainability. Our aim is to increase the ease and transparency of working with the vast production capabilities in China, to provide significant cost and time savings to the A&D industry worldwide. Our capabilities are best utilized during the purchasing phase of your architectural or FF&E project.

Who we are

  • The factory
    We make the things you build, specify, and dream up. Our efficiency in production provides you savings across the board.
The factory

Who we are not

  • A retailer
    We don’t sell products to the consumer. We make and source products for purchasers. We are the source behind many of the retailers you know and trust. Come to us when you are ready to purchase, or after you’ve received your local bids and are ready to order for production. Pricing is immediate and only valid for that specific point in time, with immediate production turnaround. When we price out your project, we are ready to start production immediately. This is critical to how we supply you with the best cost savings.
A retailer



Once we receive your material and furniture schedules and specifications, we use our extensive contacts to supply most materials and furniture direct from the manufacturers at the lowest possible price.


When a custom product or material is desired, we will work with you to take your designs from idea to reality.



We aid in product customization, such as changing a finish or altering the dimensions of an existing product, as well as developing your custom designs for production.


Our robust production capabilities allow quick turnaround times. We are often ready to ship within a few days or weeks of ordering.


We help coordinate international product shipping through container shipments.